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FIC: Walk This Way 1/1

Title: Walk This Way
Series: Belongs in the Should I Stay, Or Should I Go 'verse
Rating: G
Words: 463 (yes, you read that right!)
Characters/Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Toshiko and Owen
Disclaimer: If I owned Jack, Ianto and everything Torchwood, it would be more like in this fic and not the crap the creators gave us
Beta by: milady_dragon
Summary: Toshiko and Owen make an observation about Ianto and Jack.
Notes: While walking down the street across from the San Diego Convention Center during Comic-Con, I ended up behind what could have been an Ianto cosplayer or just some hot guy with bark short hair and good taste in suits. His walk inspired this fic. I went into the Marriott lounge to type it up, thinking to use in a fic, but when I was done, I realized it could stand alone. So here it is. A really short fic from me (the next fic I'll be posting soon is over 15K).

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